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unix shell script command line parameters

There are various way we can pass parameters to shell script, here are few tips which can help extract input in shell script or function:


^ = starts with

$ = ends with

' ' = single quote, anything inside single quotes is considered as string, absolutely no varialbes

" " = double quotes, anything inside double quotes is string plus it resolve any variables

` ` = backquote or grave, used to execute a command, for example: echo "today is `date` date" or myvar = `date`


$> input1 input2

$0 = name of script, in above case it is

$1 = value of first input, in above case it is input1

$2 = input2


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$n = nth variable

$# = number of input argumets

$* = argumests are double quoted, $* = "input1 input2"

$@ = arguments are individually double quoted $@ = "input1" "input2"

$? = exit status of previous command

$$ = process id of current shell

!ps = execute previous command starts with ps

$! = process id of last background job



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