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Pattern Matching metacharacter Definitions

Pattern Matching metacharacter Definitions
Char. Definition
\ Use before any of the following characters to escape or null the meaning or it. \* \. \$ \+ \[ \]
^ Start matching at this point
$ End point of the match

URL Encoded Characters

URL Encoded Characters
      backspace      %08
      tab            %09
      linefeed       %0A
      creturn        %0D
      space          %20
      !              %21
      "              %22
      #              %23
      $              %24
      %              %25
      &              %26
      '              %27
      (              %28
      )              %29

Apache Response Time and Logging best practices

The response time of a web application is one of the most important factors to create a convenient user experience. Nobody spends much time exploring a site with a sluggish response time. So you need to understand where the time is spent to improve the response time of your web application. This article is about the response time log of the Apache HTTP Server.

Adobe CQ5 Curl Commands

Run JCR query builder API:

Text Processing


Testing Tools


Template Engines




Source Control





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